Love The Mission, It Is the Most Important Thing

I came in this morning to find love notes on my desk.  They were not uncomfortably from co-workers Max and Rebekah who sit next to me.  Instead they were from Motley Fool customers.  Some random Fools had taken the time to print out lovely feedback we had received and print them on cards.  They snuck in early this am and left every Fool employee different cards and candy on their desk.

I believe people come to work and love it for 4 ranked reasons.

1. A Mission They Believe In

2. A Challenge Every Day

3. People They Love

4. Great Culture

Little reminders that you are delivering on the number one reason people come to work is a powerful thing.

About lburbage

I work to ensure Fools are combining their passion and skill in a role that creates value for our members.


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    [...] But today’s example of a company with all the right tools is:  Motley Fool – a fantastic financial services company. Their “People Fool”, Lee Burbage writes about loving your work, and expressing it. [...]

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