We’re Looking For Summer 2014 Interns!

Summer at The FoolAre you a college or grad student looking for an amazing summer internship? We’re currently looking for talented, curious, motivated students who want to spend this summer at The Fool! This is an 8-week paid internship where you’ll get to work on great projects with great people…and you’ll never have to wear a tie (unless you lose a bet or something). You’ll work in our Alexandria, VA, office, located just outside of Washington, DC.

If you’re interested in investing, writing, international studies, web analytics, software development, or retention marketing, we want to learn more about you! Find out more about our specific internship openings and submit your application by January 31, 2014.

Want to learn more? Some of last year’s interns were happy to share their Foolish experience!

11 Responses to “We’re Looking For Summer 2014 Interns!”

  1. Motley Fool internship rocks. 3 outstanding former Fool intern reviews & ratings: http://www.internshipking.com/motley-fool-internship. Cool to see!

  2. Hi I applied for internship about 6 weeks ago and was told I should send an email if I didn’t hear back in 4 weeks. I sent an email but never heard back. I was wondering when I should expect to hear back regarding the status of my application.

  3. Dan, we’ll begin reaching out to candidates after the Jan. 31 deadline. Thanks for applying!

  4. Does Motley Fool consider international students for the summer internship? and are there positions that focus on international finance/economics?

  5. @jklj: We had a record number of applicants, so we’re still making our way through all applications (we read each one!). So, some notifications have gone out, but we’re still working on it.

    @rhover: We consider international students who are able to work in the U.S. Right now there are no internships focused on international finance, just one supporting our services for non-U.S. members.

  6. Will applicants also hear back if they do not get the internship?

  7. @Devin, yes, we’ll give an answer, either way, to all candidates.

  8. I know you began to reach out after the January 31st deadline, and that you had many applicants, but is there a date we can roughly expect to hear back by with either an interview or a denial?

    Thank you.

  9. Hello,
    I understand that we will hear back with either an interview or denial, but is it possible to give us an end date that we can expect to hear back by with either decision?
    Thank you for your time,
    Meghan Gallagher

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