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Fool Halloween

Happy Halloween from The Fool!

Halloween is always one of the best days at The Fool! We celebrated with pizza, candy, and the second-annual costume fashion show. What does your office do on Halloween?

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New Role

Announcing a New Important Role

The Motley Fool is growing and growing fast.  With any rapid growth, scale and efficiency are key.  We are desperately seeking a new Fool to investigate, test, and learn their way in to creating value by finding those little gaps in our systems and processes.  In this new and important role you will absolutely be […]

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Cool Office

Match Office Perks to Your Culture

Recently I’ve noticed a few articles popping up claiming that cool offices and no vacation policy are somehow a myth, a scam, a sneaky way for The Man to keep you down.  Here was the first line of one recent article: “Don’t be fooled by the perks at all those Silicon Valley (and Alley) offices […]

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Get to Know The Fool and Our Founders

Tom and David Gardner, along with some other incredible Fools, talk about our approach to teaching our members about investing. Get to know our founders and our office in this video. Did you know that most Fools are individual investors who follow The Fool’s own advice?

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Paid Summer Internships

Paid Summer Internships: They’re Good for Business

I recently interviewed a prospective Fool and, as expected, we dug into his past experiences. Like a lot of young, successful people, he had completed several internships. One in particular jumped out to me. The candidate had a passion for sports and had interned with a Major League Baseball  team. The internship was unpaid, so […]

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Create a Better Workplace by Breaking the Rules

When my son was eight years old and in the 2nd grade, he mentioned to me that he sometimes pretended to have to go to the bathroom at school.  This was curious to me.  As I probed further, he revealed that sometimes he needed a break to be alone, breathe, and think.  At school they […]

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Holiday Parties

You’re More Than Your Job Title

November is almost here and the holiday season will soon be upon us. For many people, that means weekends filled with cocktail parties. My least favorite kind of party is the one where my wife knows everyone there, and I know no one. Inevitably I end up engaged in small talk and, as it turns out, […]

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Managing and developing people

The Complete Manager is a Unicorn

Like a unicorn, the complete manager is a magical beast only seen in fairy tales. The concept is known to everyone.  A great manager is and has it all; inspiration, feedback, goal setting, communication, organization, team player, individual contributor, budgeting, career guide, mentor, collaboration, visionary, pace setter, blah blah blah. And there seems to be […]

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Meetings that start after 10 a.m.

9 a.m. Start Times are Old-Fashioned

Last year, I attended the Wisdom 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.  The conference is a convergence of enlightenment and business. There was a lot of great discussion and some very forward-thinking people doing things like embracing yoga and meditation in the workplace, something that The Fool has done for a while now. Most of the attendees […]

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People Don’t Like to Be Told What to Do

When you were a kid, wasn’t it always more fun to play the games you wanted instead of what your parents told you that you had to do? Of course it was. So why do many employers in the corporate world today still try forcing their employees to do something they know they won’t like? […]

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