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Bunnies at the Office: A Creative Way to Make Employees Happy

I  often get requests to allow dogs, more fish tanks, and various other ideas for bringing more animals into FoolHQ. We Fools are mostly animal lovers, and there have been quite a few studies on how animal pictures and presence improve human health. For a number of reasons we can’t have animals in the office, […]

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Fools at Kings Dominion

Fools = Friends

Merging work life and personal life may freak some people out. But there is something really nice about actually enjoying the people you spend most of your day with – and let’s face it – most of your life with. Eight hours a day= half of the time most people are awake on a daily […]

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How We Help to Make Foolish Memories

I know you’ve heard and heard, and probably heard some more, about our culture here at The Motley Fool. Some of you may be sick of it by now, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that some of you may want more – or wonder what it really is that […]

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