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Core Value #4 : Fun – Revel in Your Work

The Fool is a fun place to work. We believe that life and work cannot be separated, and rather than balancing, we try to integrate them.  We want all Fools to think about how they can add fun to their day and how they can love their work.  Everyone is encouraged to take time out […]

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Visit the Fool

Visit The Motley Fool!

We love to meet fellow Fools and exchange ideas.  As you can imagine, we get a lot of requests for office tours or visits.  While we aren’t able to accommodate every schedule, we do have two ways that you can visit Motley Fool Intergalactic Headquarters in Alexandria, VA. Member Investing Tour Are you a member […]

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Core Value #3: Honesty – Make us Proud

Honesty has a beautiful simplicity.  This straightforward value gives us a framework for making decisions companywide.  In a company built on intellectual capital, with the stated purpose of helping the world invest better, honesty is essential. We chose our words here carefully: Make. Us. Proud.  Not “Don’t break the law” or “Tell the truth” or […]

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Core Value #2 — Innovative: Search For a Better Solution. Then Top It.

The term innovation drums up images of world-changing ideas or inventions.  Certainly we at The Fool want to change the world, but innovation is more about making everything better every day and embracing change.  It’s constantly searching for ways to “Top It!” We want Fools to relentlessly search for better solutions and try new things.  […]

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Core Value #1: Collaborative — Do Great Things Together

We give Culture Tours on the first Friday of each month. They begin with our core values and collaborative is always the first. Why is it a core value: The Motley Fool was founded in community.  We are better investors because we work with our members.  They have experiences and knowledge that we don’t. This […]

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Core Values

Does Your Company Have Core Values to Live By?

Wow!  You actually opened a post with the title “core values?”  I’m a little surprised.  Many people look at “core values” and roll their eyes.  After all, most companies have them and they are generally very nice, very aspirational…and very stale. You can imagine that they were created by a strange consultant with trendy glasses, […]

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First Friday

First Friday Workplace Foolosophy Tour

I share. I love to talk about business and creating a great and sustainable corporate culture.   Although it may be a competitive advantage for my company right now, I really believe that the world will just be a better place if people find happiness and fulfillment in their work. So, I talk about it.  A […]

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Trust is Key

A Culture of Trust

You may have read a lot about Motley Fool corporate culture.  Although it manifests itself in many ways, at the heart of our craziness we are building culture of trust. Unlimited vacation?  Yes.  We trust you to manage your workflow and cover your projects. We also trust that you will manage your time off in […]

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Fools collaborating

Q x A = E

Quality x Acceptance = Excellence This simple formula is a reminder to socialize your ideas before you complete them. Most of us focus on quality and will work heads-down without any input whatsoever.  It feels good to create a quality product; it also feels good to know that you have figured it out by yourself.  Yet, […]

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Marine Corps Marathon runners

Potential, Giving Your Best, and Leading by Example

There is a scene in Facing the Giants that I love. WARNING: inspirational sports clip. It’s about 5 minutes long — go ahead and watch it. I’ll wait right here and sing “American Pie” — it’s about that long. …jester sang for the king and queen … Chevy to the levy … the day the […]

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