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Get a New Perspective to Prevent Workplace Groupthink

It’s likely happened to you. You are sitting there in a meeting among your coworkers, and you start to be able to tell who is going to say what, and how each person is going to respond. Sure, you’ve gotten to know them well. You know their Myers-Briggs scores. You know who likes what type […]

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Love investing? Love writing? You may want to join TMF Blog Network!

The Fool’s blog network was created in 2011 in order to give a voice to the individual investor. There are a number of reasons, let’s say 10, you might want to take part. 10. Show the world (or at least thousands of investors) how smart you are. 9. Get paid $50 for each post you […]

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Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl

Where Are the Women Investors and Techies?

It’s a man’s world. Men lead women in elected offices as well as corner offices in the corporate world. There’s even a song about it. But as a female in the working world, I can’t help but ask the question – does it have to be that way? Can’t it be a world shared by men […]

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Making yourself a better coworker

Self-Awareness and Improvement

There are tests upon tests that will tell you whether you are a visionary or a more get-the-task-done person, whether you like to be around others or you like to operate by yourself, and whether you are a person who pays attention to details or you look more toward the big picture, among others. While […]

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Fun desk items

Foolish First Day

Here at The Fool, we don’t do many things “just because everyone does it that way”. We don’t keep track of vacation days or sick days because “most companies do”, and we don’t always second-guess our employees on where they are if they take the afternoon off. If they have gotten their work done, they […]

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How to Prepare for a Tough Interview

What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? What three words most describe you? We’ve all heard these time and time again in interviews that we’ve been in over the years. We can probably even guess what the next question is going to be, or at least some variation of what we thought […]

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Happy Memorial Day, Fools!

Memorial Day is a day when many of us reflect back on those who have fought and are still fighting for our freedom.  We get together with friends and family and embrace that freedom – the purpose for why many in our armed forces do what they do every day. To those out there serving […]

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Foolapalooza 2011

Foolapalooza…It’s That Time of Year Again

Foolapalooza. You heard it right. Foolapalooza. What the heck is that? No, it’s not a musical festival, although it does sound like one. It’s our annual business meeting. But it’s not like any other annual business meeting that you’d likely conjure up in your mind. And it’s not like any other business trip or annual […]

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Millennials Are Great

Millennials – Are They Really That Bad?

Have you ever had those moments when you thought that you may be in the Twilight Zone, but no one else seemed to notice? That was me, sitting in the back of the room at a conference session last week, looking around, prepared to pack up my bag and leave. But I didn’t. And here’s […]

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Fools eating lunch

Is the Fool a great place to work? Have our Fools tell you firsthand…

It wouldn’t be the weirdest thing at The Fool to see people throwing Nerf balls or setting their pods up for a miniature golf tournament throughout the office. It wouldn’t be peculiar to see desks being pushed toward the wall in a conference room, only to have a rapid-fire, ping pong ball machine setting on […]

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