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XBox as a sport?

Olympics Are Increasing Productivity

Is the Olympics killing your business? Every two years, companies worry about the drop in productivity that might happen if employees focus too much on watching television and checking medal counts online. Even without the distraction of a major televised sporting event, lots of companies discourage time away from one’s desk. If you’ve been keeping […]

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People Don’t Like to Be Told What to Do

When you were a kid, wasn’t it always more fun to play the games you wanted instead of what your parents told you that you had to do? Of course it was. So why do many employers in the corporate world today still try forcing their employees to do something they know they won’t like? […]

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NERF Wars – What, your office doesn’t have those?

Are NERF wars in the office still cool? I guess really we could ask if they ever truly were. I have noticed a resurgence in our office in the recent weeks, and am reminded of the business value behind them. Yup, I said business value behind NERF wars. There certainly is no value in the act of […]

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Fools collaborating

Q x A = E

Quality x Acceptance = Excellence This simple formula is a reminder to socialize your ideas before you complete them. Most of us focus on quality and will work heads-down without any input whatsoever.  It feels good to create a quality product; it also feels good to know that you have figured it out by yourself.  Yet, […]

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Foolapalooza Game

The Great Foolapalooza Hunt (Part 2)

So the idea was approved, albeit with some concern, naturally. Would people really want to spend two to three hours solving puzzles? When the plan was announced, a common response was, “Do I really have to do this scavenger thing?” (I knew it wasn’t really anything like a scavenger hunt, but there was really no […]

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Foolapalooza team figuring out a puzzle

The Great Foolapalooza Hunt (Part 1)

My very first task as the newly appointed chief collaboration Fool was to run a big team-building event at our annual company meeting – what we loving call “Foolapalooza”. This came as no surprise to me. In fact, it was my idea. For a long time, I’ve been a fan of real-world treasure hunts. The […]

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