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Last Chance, Techies!

Work in a U.S. News & World Report Top Job, at Glassdoor’s Best Medium-Sized Company.  Now is the time to apply – this unique opportunity to join our tech team closes Friday night! Apply here.

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Trust is Key

A Culture of Trust

You may have read a lot about Motley Fool corporate culture.  Although it manifests itself in many ways, at the heart of our craziness we are building culture of trust. Unlimited vacation?  Yes.  We trust you to manage your workflow and cover your projects. We also trust that you will manage your time off in […]

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XBox as a sport?

Olympics Are Increasing Productivity

Is the Olympics killing your business? Every two years, companies worry about the drop in productivity that might happen if employees focus too much on watching television and checking medal counts online. Even without the distraction of a major televised sporting event, lots of companies discourage time away from one’s desk. If you’ve been keeping […]

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Ben Sterling and Billy Blanks

Washington Post On Fool Health

The Fool got some great love from Vicky Hallett at the Washington Post today:  The Motley Fool might be the healthiest workplace in Washington Don’t pity the Motley Fool. And certainly don’t pity Ben Sterling, a 29-year-old who’s been with the financial services company in Alexandria since 2007. When he decided to quit his software-testing job to follow his […]

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Sun Always Shines When U R Cool

You Have Fun at Work? Why, Yes!

There are things in life that are hard to describe — the way you feel on a sunny day as you walk around town, or the way you absolutely love and must have your daily or weekly Starbucks run — yet these things are the small moments that make your days inordinately better. Some of […]

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Fool Fitness

A Gift You Don’t Want for the Holidays

The major weight gains, for most people, occur between Halloween and New Year’s. For Fools, we think of all the Halloween candy we have in the office when our kids come through to trick-or-treat. We have to consider the Thanksgiving feast we provide during our all-hands monthly meeting. And don’t even get me started about […]

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Marine Corps Marathon runners

Potential, Giving Your Best, and Leading by Example

There is a scene in Facing the Giants that I love. WARNING: inspirational sports clip. It’s about 5 minutes long — go ahead and watch it. I’ll wait right here and sing “American Pie” — it’s about that long. …jester sang for the king and queen … Chevy to the levy … the day the […]

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Fool Racing Team

ROI Development Projects

At The Fool we are big fans of giving out special projects.  There are so many benefits including but not limited to enhancing roles, learning what Fools can do, testing new concepts, seeing how people can stretch, collaboration, stretching resources, and more.  One key element is that special projects make an impact.  When a project has a real, […]

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Foolish Couple

Wedding Anniversaries Take A Back Seat

An anniversary at work should be a bigger deal than a wedding anniversary.  Sure, getting married is a monumental event. But, recently a co-worker and I figured out I had spent more time with him than my wife in the last 13 years at The Fool. So, shouldn’t I celebrate that even more than the time […]

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Foolyween 2000

Laughter Makes Everything Better

Recently I had a day without meetings and found I was missing them.  I realized that I actually look forward to going to meetings.  I couldn’t help but wonder why any sane person would enjoy meetings so much.  After dismissing the idea that I was losing my mind I realized I was addicted and needed my […]

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