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Foolapalooza 2011

Foolapalooza…It’s That Time of Year Again

Foolapalooza. You heard it right. Foolapalooza. What the heck is that? No, it’s not a musical festival, although it does sound like one. It’s our annual business meeting. But it’s not like any other annual business meeting that you’d likely conjure up in your mind. And it’s not like any other business trip or annual […]

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Foolapalooza Game

The Great Foolapalooza Hunt (Part 2)

So the idea was approved, albeit with some concern, naturally. Would people really want to spend two to three hours solving puzzles? When the plan was announced, a common response was, “Do I really have to do this scavenger thing?” (I knew it wasn’t really anything like a scavenger hunt, but there was really no […]

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Foolapalooza team figuring out a puzzle

The Great Foolapalooza Hunt (Part 1)

My very first task as the newly appointed chief collaboration Fool was to run a big team-building event at our annual company meeting – what we loving call “Foolapalooza”. This came as no surprise to me. In fact, it was my idea. For a long time, I’ve been a fan of real-world treasure hunts. The […]

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