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XBox as a sport?

Olympics Are Increasing Productivity

Is the Olympics killing your business? Every two years, companies worry about the drop in productivity that might happen if employees focus too much on watching television and checking medal counts online. Even without the distraction of a major televised sporting event, lots of companies discourage time away from one’s desk. If you’ve been keeping […]

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Keep Learning…Wherever You Go

The proverbial “they” say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. “They” also say that one should be constantly learning and growing. At The Motley Fool, we believe a bit of both. While we know we’re a great place to work, we also know that other businesses are doing incredible things when it comes […]

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Ben Sterling and Billy Blanks

Washington Post On Fool Health

The Fool got some great love from Vicky Hallett at the Washington Post today:  The Motley Fool might be the healthiest workplace in Washington Don’t pity the Motley Fool. And certainly don’t pity Ben Sterling, a 29-year-old who’s been with the financial services company in Alexandria since 2007. When he decided to quit his software-testing job to follow his […]

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Why Wellness? Because We Care…

To help the world invest. Better. The Motley Fool’s purpose, undeniably, places the interest of our members and followers at numero uno but who is going to look out for us Fools in Alexandria, VA? That’s where I come in, the Wellness Fool. Just a little background before I explain what the heck a Wellness […]

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Fool Fitness

A Gift You Don’t Want for the Holidays

The major weight gains, for most people, occur between Halloween and New Year’s. For Fools, we think of all the Halloween candy we have in the office when our kids come through to trick-or-treat. We have to consider the Thanksgiving feast we provide during our all-hands monthly meeting. And don’t even get me started about […]

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