Crazy Interviews

Chicken suitHave you ever had a Dumbledore-esque rapper show up during a job interview – complete with a white wig, Dumbledore hat, glasses, track suit, and a Dumbledore monogrammed gold chain?


Have you ever been to a job interview on Halloween? You should try it sometime.

What about seeing a person in a chicken suit running around with hula hoops? That happens more than you’d think!

What about having a job interview on April Fool’s Day – a holiday like none other at The Fool?

Let’s just say we’ve had to tell a few of our candidates that it WAS NOT an April Fool’s joke when we had to push back an interview start time.

I find that the best days to conduct interviews are when Fool HQ has something crazy going on.

At The Motley Fool, that happens a lot. It is fun to see how candidates react when I conduct their interview dressed as Dumbledore on Halloween. (Yes, that was me.) We’ve had Fool interviewers with their child in tow, dogs in the room, and meetings in stairwells. It is best for candidates to see what life is really like in the office, and it is great for us to see how they react to our craziness.

I also like to see how candidates deal with mix-ups and change-ups in their schedule. Whether it is challenges with their travel or a day of juggling conference rooms, candidates can face a number of tests. Some candidates are clearly frustrated and impatient – not a good sign. Others roll with the punches. When real Fool life is present in obvious ways during interviews, we get an even better sense of a candidate’s fit.

One of our best hires had two interviews outside during a fire alarm. Others have had interviews where they’ve had to help complete a project or come up with ideas for a Fool event, and they’ve been our most creative Fools yet.

When I interviewed 13 years ago, I stood in a storage closet over a foosball table. I saw first-hand how the Fool rolled and I loved it. Coming from a stogy banking environment, I knew this laid-back, get-it-done place was for me.

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