Ode to Office Ops

Fireside ChatThere’s a saying about design: When it’s bad, you notice. When it’s good, it’s invisible. The same holds true for office managers. People I know at other companies have told me stories of how bad office managers make their jobs more difficult — supplies aren’t ordered on time, meeting rooms aren’t set up properly, and urgent email requests go unanswered. The importance of good office managers is often overlooked, and the rest of the staff suffers as a result. But here at the Fool, our Office Operations team (or, as we call it, Office Ops), is one of the most important departments. We feel that happy employees equal happy customers, and what better way is there to make employees happy than to make sure they have everything they need to get their jobs done?

Compared to most companies, we have a larger Office Ops team – that is because we ask so much of them.  We make sure that the Office Ops team has the amount of people needed to take care of requests from all over the Fool. If you are focused on high performing employees and teams, then the value created by providing them the tools they need and creating efficiencies can be huge. Whether they’re planning meetings, fireside chats (like the picture above), organizing our space, diagnosing technical challenges, or pushing around a cooler filled with popsicles when the air conditioning breaks in the summer, Office Ops Fools are the magic elves that keep the Fool running at a high level. At The Fool, we are in love with Office Ops because they are an integral and key element to success and a true business partner.

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