What I Learned From Improv

Fools practicing improvAfter only two months of training, I stood before 150 people for my class’ first improv comedy performance. We were far more anxious that anyone in the audience might have noticed, but one thing that helped get me through was the group of Fools who came to see the show (and, admittedly, the nerve-calming margarita they joined me for before I got on stage). Improv is a serious team-building activity, and I learned a lot of lessons I can apply at work.

When fellow Fools took time on a Sunday to support me, I realized a really awesome thing about this company: We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders!

Fools don’t just care about what our coworkers can do for us during the work day. We’re multi-dimensional people – actors, dancers, artists, writers, athletes, photographers, world travelers, and musicians. We have outlets for expressing ourselves in our free time that make us more creative, more innovative, bolder Fools at work. What’s more, Fools are welcome to share their passions at work, either by teaching a class or leading a club. Fools cheer each other on at marathons, check out each other’s art shows, and rock out at each other’s concerts. They teach each other how to knit or fill out an NCAA March Madness bracket. We always say we’re a learning culture – part of that is teaching new software, or running investing cohorts so Fools can experience the same stock-picking decisions our members make – but another part of that culture is teaching each other about the fun things we love to do in our spare time.

Sadly, a lot of companies have a culture where employees are looked down upon when their lives outside of work spill into the office. At the Fool, we take an interest in our coworkers’ hobbies, families, and friends, and we love to have a great time with lots of laughter. With improv, we got the best of both worlds.


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