Office Design: What does a great office space look like to you?

Photos by Chris Spielmann

Last spring we moved into the newly remodeled 5th floor at our Alexandria headquarters to a nice, clean, mobile office space.  Everything was on wheels.   Our desks, our file cabinets, our whiteboards, and our chairs.    The space was wide open with stations for power on trusses.

How did this change our culture?  We were surprised at how easy it was to move.  It used to take time to organize a desk move, relocate people from cube to cube, but now we can decide to rearrange our space over lunch.   Need to move a whole tech team nearer the business unit?   Someone transferring into a new role (did we mention this happens all the time?)    We’d always joked that we  reorganized a lot even before the rolling desks, and my team has moved 3 times within the past year.

Herman Miller did a writeup on our space recently to talk about the benefits of  our unique mobile space.  What do you think are some key elements of a great work space?

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