Fools = Friends

Fools at Kings Dominion Merging work life and personal life may freak some people out.

But there is something really nice about actually enjoying the people you spend most of your day with – and let’s face it – most of your life with. Eight hours a day= half of the time most people are awake on a daily basis!

Each year, our health benefit survey asks us if we have a best friend at The Fool. Not a normal employee survey question, right? The first time I read it, I was actually taken by surprise. I had never really thought about it. But it made me realize that, yes, I DID have a person like that; someone I shared far more than work with, a friend that I would spend weekends and nights out with.

When I read that question, I was still fairly new at The Fool, only have been a few months in. And then, I was close to the members on my immediate team but not as close to other Fools outside of my team. I’ve been here more than two years now, and that question now seems silly to me.

Now, I am ecstatic when the question comes up. I get to reminisce about all the people and funny experiences I’ve had with so many different Fools. It is not about popularity; I’ve just realized how important and fulfilling it is for me personally to be in a supportive atmosphere. Friendships are not something that normally come as naturally for coworkers. But, they do here at The Fool. We hire such wonderful people.

You know that feeling when you come home from second grade, brimming with excitement, ready to tell your parents what you learned that day? Well, in this situation, Fools act the same way! They get just as jazzed by what you are learning, the things you are working on, and what you love to do in life as you do. I’ll be honest; we are not perfect,  and we don’t all get along all the time. Just like any family, you have difficulties, and you learn to work through them and love them anyway. To help remedy those tougher times, I tell my team to branch out and become close with Fools all over the company. Creating your network of support gives you the space and tools you need to be successful.

Fools have oozed into all sorts of aspects of my life. I went to a Fool’s house for Thanksgiving dinner, played on a Bocce team of Fools, went to some theatre, and enjoyed many birthday parties – all activities outside of work and all with people that I consider genuine friends, not just coworkers.  That level and kind of support are what make The Fool an amazing place to work for me personally.

The saying that you are lucky if it takes more than one hand to count how many great friends you have is true; but to be able to say that you have that many Fools to count, that’s priceless.

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