Intern at The Fool!

Summer at The FoolStill looking for a great place to work this summer? The Fool is looking for a Retention Marketing Intern to work for 8 weeks at our Alexandria, VA, office. It’s full-time (40 hours per week) and PAID!

In this internship, you’ll spend your time writing marketing emails and working on marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to create email marketing programs, design A/B tests, and communicate according to our company’s Foolish style.
Do you have strong persuasive writing skills, a basic understanding of HTML, and the ability to be in the Washington, DC metro area this summer? Apply today!

5 thoughts on “Intern at The Fool!

  1. Just submitted my application. I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Eagerly awaiting your correspondence.

  2. Hello,
    Do you provide internships for fields other than the one listed here? I am a economics and finance major and have always been a fan of the articles and would love to do an internship at the Fool.

  3. @Emmanuel, at this time we’re no longer accepting applications for this position.

    @ Jordan: We have summer internships for student investors and writers. We’ll begin looking for the summer of 2014 in the fall. Keep an eye on this blog for the job opening!

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