Announcing a New Important Role

New Role
Experience caring for ducks is desired, but not a requirement.

The Motley Fool is growing and growing fast.  With any rapid growth, scale and efficiency are key.  We are desperately seeking a new Fool to investigate, test, and learn their way in to creating value by finding those little gaps in our systems and processes.  In this new and important role you will absolutely be improving systems and processes, establishing new systems and processes, or combining systems and processes to create efficiency.

Initial Project List Draft:

Have you ever begun the walk or drive from Starbucks to the office and a tiny drip of coffee magically, intentionally pops from the edge of your cup on to your finger?  We at The Fool have noticed that the amount of time we spend cleaning up the coffee spills from the annoying, magical drip from a Starbucks cup is small amounts of time that add up over the year.  The successful candidate will experiment with the Starbucks coffee cup to determine why that drip appears, seems to have a mind of its own, and is intent on attaching itself to my shirt or desk. There it is again, what the heck is going on with the devil drip?

We at The Fool are long time users of Microsoft’s incredible invention, The Outlook.  Long ago The Outlook discovered that the most efficient way to get from one meeting to the next is to allow zero seconds in between meetings.  It is a real stroke of genius, meetings can start right away one after the other will absolutely no breaks.  At The Fool we haven’t yet figured out how to master the lofty goal The Outlook has laid out for us.  We need to experiment with running super-fast, cloning, time travel, or riding cheetahs to take full advantage of TOKES – The Outlook Kalendaring Efficiency System.

Everyone knows that interns are super smart, get great work done, and…wait for it… we don’t ever have to spend time getting to know them or their name.  There is a lot of time spent at The Fool getting to know each other, having fun together, and collaborating.  This could be just a big waste of time.  We’d like to transition our full work force to be interns who do great stuff AND we don’t have to get to know them on any personal level.  Each intern will be named Templeton I (male) or Temptress I (female).  We will need to train them not to eat all of our free food, though.

One pass through our office and you can see that the more computer monitors we have the more efficient we are.  We’d like to move to a point where every Fool has six monitors minimum.  Math and strength will be key for this task.  There is a lot of ordering and heavy lifting in this role.   You will need to be able to count the number of monitors currently on people’s desk, subtract that number from six, and then go get that new number for setup.  Again there is a first number, some subtraction with that number and the goal number, and then a determination of need based on the final number.  Pivot table training will be provided through FoolU, our internal University.

We are big on standing desks, treadmill desks, and cycling desks.  This promotes health and yes, speed!  With speed comes getting things done faster.  We know that when we combine our core values with great ideas amazing things happen.  Fun, Competitive, and Collaborative are two of our core values and, well,

why should they be a part of everything?  We’d like to take this to the next level with the Fool Sports Desk.  In this scenario you will be able to play full court basketball, soccer, and tennis while using your laptop.  Fools can work, play, compete, collaborate, get healthy, and win.  We are winners.

If these are the types of projects that get you excited and ready for systems, processes, efficiency, strategery, systems, and process then apply now!

7 thoughts on “Announcing a New Important Role

  1. This is an amazing opportunity. How can I secure an interview for this position? My proficiency in math and strength, will benefit the Fool in tremendous ways and finish the 6 monitor minimum project in no time (think Outlook’s time efficiency between meetings… yes I’ll do it in zero seconds). And my two core values: fun, competitive and collaborative perfectly align with your core values. Thus enabling me to be maximally efficient at the systems, processes, Fool Sports Desk, and the processes of systems (vice versa).

    I look forward to hear from you.
    Julio B.

  2. I was wondering if you are looking for an stock advisor or someone to evaluate stocks and potentially be an employee for Fool? Contact me on my email if interested. I have been researching and investing for quite a while and would like to pass and have conversations on the stocks, I don’t have intelligent friends to talk about these topics anyway. Thanks

  3. This is an opportunity I would like to apply to! I don’t see a position title or apply to button or hyperlink. The Motley Fool job feed doesn’t list a position with this description.

  4. I would love to be the fool who can get all the monitors on every other fools desk 🙂 Lifting will not be a problem for me. I reached out to you on Llinkedin. I know The Motley Fool culture is to use Linkedin…..:)

  5. I simply do not understand postings like this one. Maybe I take life too seriously but I expect that a company that has 100-200 employees would post a job opening that actually made sense and gave the prospective applicant some idea as to what was REALLY wanted. Do you really want to know why coffee drips out of the Starbuck’s cup (it is intentionally by design) or do you want to know why customers drop out of being a MF subscriber? Do you really want to transition your work force to a bunch of interns or do you want to learn how to identify the best interns and make them into great employees? Do you want to really want to do things as fast as you can regardless of quality or do you want to learn how to be efficient, accurate and reliable?

    For all of you who have already applied–well all I can say is you must not have hit the nail on the head because this position has been posted for nearly 90 days and remains unfilled. That means to me that either you are the wrong candidate or that Motley Fool does not really know what they want.

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