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We’re featured on Glassdoor’s Recruiting Blog today to share our top 5 strategies for how to be a better place to work. We spill (some) of our secrets for enhancing employee engagement, company transparency, and workplace culture. You don’t want to miss out, so click here to read our tips!

Do you have any advice that can help organizations improve for the better? Please share below, and don’t forget to Fool On!


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One thought on “Sharing Strategies with Glassdoor

  1. Shawn Achor’s work on The Happiness advantage (& his book) have tons of ideas in it. I remember one company had something called “The order of the elephant”. There was this big stuffed elephant they had that any employeee could give to any other employee for something good that co-worker did. It fostered a great social environment by people asking “Oh hey! You got the elephant. What’d you do?” This in turn also led to the spread of the great ideas, and was a great way to express appreciation throughout the company.

    Another really simple tool that anyone can do is to write a 2-minute thank you email to a coworker as part of your workday routine. The effect not only increases happiness, but was also improved bottom-line results in tons of companies. The exact details would be in the book, which I’m a little fuzzy on at the moment.

    Man, I wish I had that Office Dynamo position so I could start implementing this stuff, haha. But I’ll surely apply it wherever I end up finding a job.

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