Foolientation Secrets from a Recruiter

What’s a new hire’s first day like at your company? We hope its awesome, and that you have enough excitement in your orientation program to last at least 90 days. If you’re asking why, it’s because multiple reports reveal stats proving the first 3 months in a new job are crucial to an employee’s happiness, success, and retention. We take onboarding very seriously here at The Motley Fool, as Foolish Recruiter Cheryl further explains:

When it comes to Foolientation – our term for Fool Orientation – we’re constantly testing new ideas and trying to top it. It’s important that we stay innovative by brainstorming and continuing to seek fresh feedback.

Foolientation is all about making sure we’re setting new Fools up for success, and the first step in the right direction is to personalize their journey with us. Before a new Fool even starts, we send them a questionnaire asking about their favorite things (foods, sports, movies, vacation spots, etc.), hobbies, investing experience, and more. We then seriously deck out their desk; for example, a new Fool who loves traveling may get a scratch-off map or a book about the best places to visit in the world.  



Not only is this experience fun for the new Fool (Who doesn’t love gifts?), but it also gives everyone passing by a snapshot of their personality. This paves the way for Fools to identify mutual interests, which can make a new hire feel even more at home. In addition, the new Fool’s manager calls them before their first day on the job to congratulate and answer any questions.

On a Fool’s first day, which is always a FRIDAY, they receive a “First Day Survival Kit,” filled with Uno cards, Silly Putty, candy, and a Nerf gun. Paperwork and Benefits are certainly important, but here at the Fool we like to save that for Day 2 – the following Monday.  Part of a new Fool’s first Friday includes an office tour led by a Leadership Fool highlighting our high performance culture; lunch with Fools outside of their department to make connections; and a team party to round out the day. Instead of saying goodbye for the weekend, we tell them to “Treat Yo Self” with $100 to spend on dinner with their family and friends.

On our second day of Foolientation – the more exciting version of a Monday – the new Fool has an interactive Office Operations tour to learn how the office functions. Later in the day, the Fool meets their Fool Buddy – a tenured Fool who will regularly check-in to answer questions about our company, culture, or processes. Together they also complete a Foolish Scavenger Hunt, solving riddles and searching for clues about our company’s services, culture, and history FoolHQ.

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As for our dress code, anything goes! We only have three types of unacceptable dress here at the Fool. Seriously – Fools can rock jeans, shorts, jean shorts, sweatshirts… and the list goes on! But we don’t hesitate to send you home if you’re wearing a viking helmet with a strapless evening gown; plaid with polka-dots; or more than three colors not found in nature.


We encourage you to check out our monthly Workplace Foolosophy Tour. Sign up to start with a tour of FoolHQ where you can see full-time Fools in the flesh working, innovating, creating, and plain ole’ being Foolish. We end with a 30 minute Q&A joined by Fools on our People Team. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to share Foolish best practices for you to bring back to your office! Please keep in mind that we don’t hire or take applications during this time – because we created a Jobs place specifically for that purpose!

A first day on the job leads to your first impression of the company. The Fool makes every attempt to make this experience Foolishly fun, informative, and welcoming. So tell us – what’s your onboarding experience like for new employees?

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