Now Accepting: Internship Applications for Summer 2016!

The holidays are here, and what better time to start thinking about your bright, limitless, and potential-filled future? “Where can I go to get valuable work experience that prepares me for a lifetime of success?” you ponder as you make a leftover turkey sandwich. “What kind of company balances challenging and mission-driven work with a culture of camaraderie, support and fun?” you ask yourself as you sit in traffic anywhere within a 10 mile radius of a mall. You’re a brilliant and hardworking student, so the world is your oyster. But there is a very special place nestled in the heart of Old Town Alexandria that you should consider.

The Motley Fool offers competitively-paid, 8 week internships in the fields of Investing, Software Development, Marketing, International Business, and Editorial within our Alexandria, VA office. Whether your interests lie in equity research, back end web development, journalism, or anything in between- we have an exciting opportunity that gives you real world exposure to a career in your chosen field. Each department has its own application, so visit to apply to the position(s) that best suits your skills and interests. We read every single application in its entirety, so give yourself a healthy chunk of time to complete your cover letter and supplemental questionnaire after you upload your resume. And check out for answers to some frequently asked questions.

We’ll be hosting an Intern Open House the first week of January to give interested students an opportunity to meet our teams, tour the office, and get a sense of what it’s like to spend your summer at The Motley Fool. If you’re interested in attending our Intern Open House, send an email to to let us know! (Please don’t send application materials to this email address- we only accept applications through our applicant tracking system, Jobvite.) If you know the secret phrase, be sure to include that in the subject line of your email!

Still not convinced that this is the #1 best place in the entire universe to intern? Tough crowd, but we’ll win you over. Check out what this past summer’s interns had to say about interning at The Motley Fool.

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