Corporate Wellness Should Be #Collaborative

By: Sam Whiteside, The Motley Fool’s Chief Wellness Officer
This post was originally posted to Sam’s personal LinkedIn profile on December 21, 2016.

Last week, I had a quick but crucial conversation with Jenn Schuknecht, Wellness Specialist at GoDaddy. We discussed the Fool’s current wellness program; our holistic approach and my plans for a stronger focus on stress-management in 2016. In addition to successful examples of Foolish monthly wellness challenges, we also chatted about Jenn’s current focuses and future goals.

GoDaddy is just beginning to get their feet wet in corporate wellness, which is awesome for many reasons, as Jenn will be a key player in it’s success. However, she has a massive task in front of her that I don’t envy whatsoever. However, I think that the more I can reach out and share what’s worked at The Fool and what hasn’t, the more Jenn’s wellness program (and hopefully others!) will benefit.

Collaboration is a core value at The Fool, and I don’t think that wellness should be ANY different. So often companies keep their wellness programs, or parts of it, under lock and key. What good is that doing? Any time a company, of any size, contacts me and asks for a better understanding of what has driven our wellness engagement to 90% in the last two years, I am eager to share. Not because I am bragging or looking for a pat on the back, but because I feel that what I have learned in my 7 or so short but stimulating years in corporate wellness programming should be information that’s easily accessible for anyone looking to better the health of their people. Corporate/employee wellness programming can feel lonely at times, especially since most programs are run by one person or a very small team (if they are lucky) with difficulties connecting to senior leadership, HR, and even their own employee population. Maintaining connections across the U.S. to peers with similar jobs and challenges can reduce the risk of failure and enhance outcomes for all wellness programs.

Collaboration isn’t a one-way street. In 2016, I hope to not only continue sharing what I’ve learned, but would also like to partner with the following companies (in no particular order) to learn more about their intriguing wellness programs: Nike, Apple, Honest Tea, Rodale, Eventbrite, Twitter, WhiteWave Foods, Centro, Class Pass, Inc., Tough Mudder, Zappos, Google, and CamelBak.

I encourage you, dear reader, to reach out to the peers in your career field that inspire you – so start up those conversations and #collaborate!

2 thoughts on “Corporate Wellness Should Be #Collaborative

  1. Hi Sam, my name’s Alyson and I’m currently interning for the Health & Wellness team at DTE Energy here in Detroit, MI. Our “Energize Your Life” and other wellness programs are up and running, but we’re always looking to improve and increase engagement. We’ve been trying to reach out to other companies with excellent wellness programs to benchmark and find some new best practices, and through my looking I found The Motley Fool. Your program sounds awesome and I’d love to get in touch with you to talk about what has worked for your company, what gets your employees most engaged, and how morale has improved for your employees. Thanks!

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