The Fool Elects a New Board Member!

Adding to the season’s merriment, The Motley Fool is thrilled to announce that Suzanne Frey, Director of Google Apps Security, Trust, Compliance, and Privacy, has been elected to our company’s Board of Directors. At Google, Frey is responsible for protecting the personal and sensitive information for everyone around the world who uses Google Apps including Gmail, Inbox, Google Drive, and Docs. #Innovative for sure, Suzanne will bring over 20 years of experience in leading advanced technology operations and systems to the Fool.

Suzanne’s welcome wouldn’t have been as Foolish without a company-wide Q&A that included Chief Collaboration Officer’s Google-themed game show and a quick interview with Tom G. Everyone was excited to put a face – and personality! – to a name with such impressive accomplishments. Be sure to see our full Foolish announcement here. Welcome, Suzanne!

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