Why “Soft Skills” Matter

As a company, we’re pretty open when it comes to testing ideas that might increase employee development. Researching workplace culture trends keeps us one step ahead, but many of our principles are actually organic to the Fool. As part of a recent HR Magazine article, Annie Healy shares how a challenging internal situation was handled in a way that led to positive results for the individual Fool and our company.

If you haven’t heard of soft skills – or what’s required to effectively communicate, problem-solve, and collaborate – we urge you to learn more. In the situation Annie explains, Fools reached common ground by focusing more on the individual’s soft skills, rather than seeking a replacement with higher technical proficiency. While accountability was necessary, the Fool successfully transitioned to a new role involving the use of more soft skills.

Find more details within HR’s Hard Challenge: When Employees Lack Soft Skills, and feel free to share thoughts in the comments below!

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