PyCon 2016


Whether you’re a prospective employee or a PyCon attendee on an adventure, feel free to scan through our website for insights into our Foolish culture. No matter if you came here from a West-Coast tech conference or an external ad banner, we’re committed to building a workplace that best helps our members find and fulfill their financial goals. At the Fool, we give our employees the “green flag,” allowing them to take unlimited vacation and work in a manner that’s most productive and suitable to them. This policy may seem like it has its drawbacks, but we’ve had incredible success ever since we implemented it back in 1993. And these aren’t just hollow words. We want you enjoy being here. And along the way, we will help you on the path to being a truly awesome full-time Fool. If you’d like more info, feel free to read more about us on another blog posting or click on any of the top banner links. At the Motley Fool we are committed to building and maintaining the best place to work in the world!

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