Seizing the Summer

We’ve long anticipated summer in DC, though not because Fools want better tans. Sunny skies also serve as great employee morale boosters, especially when outdoor office breaks are encouraged. With wired patios, shady seating, and always-available lawn games, it’s easy to seize the summer at HQ. There’s nothing worse than spending a beautiful day inside the office, right?

Many of our planned activities incorporate summer’s best perks, but Fools look forward to low-key fun as much as large-scale events. So much buzz built around last summer’s Thirsty Thursdays that it’s now a tradition, organized and hosted by a different team each week. Inviting Fools outside for the opportunity to learn about high-value projects is only enhanced with drinks (non-alcoholic, too!) and light snacks. This weekly event even earned a shoutout as one of 17 Proven Morale Boosters that Won’t Break the Bank!

Fools always aim to TOP the last success, and our Office Operations and Events team recently did just that by bringing rock climbing to HQ’s back lawn. Check out pictures of the fun – then go take 5 outside in the sun!


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