Introducing the #FoolsWalk131 Challenge

Tom Gardner predicted to Motley Fool members that the stock market would fall 10% from a recent high at least once at any point in 2014. ​Here’s the catch:​ if the market ​didn’t​ drop by that amount, Tom would walk 26.2 miles a day for five days using only a treadmill desk. Unfortunately for Tom’s feet, the market never quite dropped 10% (although the S&P did drop 9.86%, so this was a near miss!) – which brings us to today, as Tom prepares to make good on this vow.

Starting tomorrow, Tom plans to walk 26.2 miles a day in honor of DC Prep, a Washington, DC-based charter school network that’s dear to his heart. When all is said and done, Tom will have walked 131 miles – and maybe it’s crazy, but we want to top that number!


Full-time Fools can log individual miles through Saturday, July 16 as part of our #FoolsWalk131 challenge, which will award the top 3 Fools with Amazon gift cards. We’re raising the bar to back Tom and DC Prephere’s how you can get in on the fun, too!

• Get out those walking shoes! Support Tom and DC Prep by visiting our fundraising page, where you can pledge per mile or as a flat-fee donation.

• Tom will be wearing a FitBit, but no worries if you don’t have one! If you’re pledging miles, consider downloading one of these apps.

• Follow Tom’s live treadmill progress here!

• Spread the word on social media by tagging/following posts with the hashtag #FoolsWalk131.

Check back soon for updates here and over at!

Walk on, Fools!

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