#FoolsWalk131: Tom Keeps Trekking!


Today marks day four of Tom’s 131-mile fundraising journey, which so far has raised more than $20,000 for DC Prep. Even the smallest donations will contribute to a huge impact on DC Prep’s community:

·$100: Teacher Supplies

·$500: Classroom Libraries

·$1k: Field Trips for Early Childhood

·$2,500: Playground equipment

·$5k: End-of-Year Trip for 8th Grade Class

Tom has one marathon left, but it’s not too late for you to participate! Catch up on our #FoolsWalk131 challenge through the latest Fool.com article, then get to know the kids of DC Prep in this awesome video.

To access the Fool’s DC Prep fundraising page directly, click right this way!

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