A Fool Makes “Most Recognized Employees” List!

Employee recognition is valued at the Fool, but YouEarnedIt’s announcement is a cause for special celebration. Originally introduced to boost employee engagement, this platform has since become integral to Fool culture. Just this month, Fools have been recognized nearly 500 times for excelling at work.

YouEarnedIt recently released a list of their top 10 most recognized employees, which was determined based on total recognition received from a peer, manager or company executive since January 2016. Out of a database measuring 100,000+ employees, the Fool’s very own Shawn Viduranga took one of the very coveted spots!


More commonly known as Batman at HQ, Shawn manages tech platforms and systems, as well as projects that make technology more accessible for Fools. Shawn embellished on finding success: “Empathy, positivity, and staying hungry! I draw from all three of these traits to make sure I provide a kind and thoughtful approach to any tech issue Fools might be experiencing, as well as pushing myself to provide greater service and innovative solutions to the company.”

Shawn shares plenty more advice in YouEarnedIt’s new e-book. We’re excited for this announcement, but even more so because Shawn’s an employee at The Motley Fool. Congratulations!

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