A Little Thing We Call Cake Day

By Alison Southwick, Grand Poobah of PR

The first Friday of every month, something magical happens at The Motley Fool. It’s called Cake Day. And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Cake Day has been a beloved tradition at The Motley Fool for more than 15 years. Sometimes we like to get a little wild and switch it up with local purveyors like Pie Sisters or Duck Donuts. Crazy, we know.

Much like Pizza Day (the last Friday of every month) it’s a simple idea that doesn’t cost a lot of money, yet it reaps plenty of rewards. It’s fun, creates a collision point, and we get to celebrate Fools who were born that month.

We like good, cheap fun here at The Motley Fool and Cake Day achieves that–with sprinkles.

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