Dangers of Sleep Debt

Yawning? You’re not the only one. Welcome to the (very tired) community of nearly 50-70 million other U.S. adults struggling with sleep deprivation. Thankfully the National Sleep Foundation is here to help, and their Sleep Awareness Week is running through Saturday, April 29. This campaign serves to educate the public on sleep science, its side effects, and how to really rest like a champ.

So why should companies care whether or not employees are getting a nightly 7-9 hours of sleep? Rest (or lack thereof) directly affects job performance, not to mention the economic downsides that come with lost productivity. Rest instills positive benefits like a stronger memory capacity; sharpened attention span; positive attitude; less daytime fatigue; and lower stress levels.

In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, consider testing new practices in your routine. Aim to exercise daily, and don’t eat snacks too late at night. Stop drinking coffee late in the afternoon, or even limit naps in the office rest room to under 30 minutes – here’s a pic of ours:

Sleep science is pretty interesting, but it takes hard work to change habits. Learn ways to #SleepBetterFeelBetter here.

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