Meetings for Everyone

A lot of Fools don’t like meetings, but I don’t blame them. Sitting in one place can feel draining, not to mention unproductive at the end of a long day. Studies like this one express a similar sentiment, where 47% of employees agreed that most meetings are “the biggest waste of time during the day – more than social media or email.” Communication affects progress either way, but projects thrive with more feedback.
When attempting to run meetings more effectively, what gives?

Testing ideas can instill new best practices, though soliciting feedback is also key. Introverts and extroverts absorb communication differently, so it’s important to understand your employee’s preferences. Fast Company published a helpful 5 Minute Read with 12 different companies’ advice for boosting productivity in meetings. Like conversations around FoolHQ’s ping-pong table, one mobile gaming company meets on a basketball court. Another business credits coloring as a catalyst to more creative product development conversations.

It’s important to keep productivity in mind, but Fools appreciate special touches, too. Our events team spends a lot of time brainstorming ways to make Fools’ workspaces look and feel more exciting. We’ve decked out conference rooms with swag, life-size air balloons themed around Fool core values, a mariachi group (yes), and (always) refreshments and snacks.

Are your meetings exciting, or at least some of the time? Share tips with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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