Longtime Fool Hope Nelson Wins “40 Under 40” Award for Outstanding Community Leadership

By: Allyson Wines, Director of High-End Marketing and Retention at The Motley Fool

If you’re looking for a shining example of someone who gives back to their community – and encourages others to do the same – you won’t find anyone better than Hope Nelson. We’ve known it at The Motley Fool for 13 years, and now she’s being recognized by the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce for its 40 Under 40 Awards.

At just 36 years old, Hope has carved out a life that’s defined not by self service, but by finding ways to give back to her community and make a difference with those less fortunate than her.

Over her 13 years of dedication to the Fool, Hope has accomplished new heights as an exemplary female leader. She’s worn many hats here, and is known as a passionate, thoughtful, and kind soul who gives of herself more than she takes. She’s developed an impressive set of specialties, from editorial strategy and agile technology to her current role driving our marketing team to operational success as we aim to deepen relationships with our members and improve their financial independence.

Hope’s passions also extend to journalism, bolstered by 10+ years at the Tallahassee Democrat in her home state of Florida. Hope pens regular columns on Alexandria’s dining scene and supports news outlets at fundraisers, but her biggest influence is much less publicly visible. As just one example, knowing that reporters don’t get holidays off, Hope brings the team for a local paper fresh cookies every Christmas. Sometimes I think her generosity has no bounds.

She has dedicated countless hours every week to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, trudging helpless cats, dogs, ferrets, and the like from homes and the streets; her car is always taken over by animal cages, towels, leashes, and of course, fur.

There couldn’t be a better recipient for this award than Hope Nelson – and there couldn’t be a better time, when we need to recognize people with passion and generosity for their community more than ever.

One thought on “Longtime Fool Hope Nelson Wins “40 Under 40” Award for Outstanding Community Leadership

  1. Although I might be just slightly biased…Hope is my daughter!…I couldn’t agree more. She has fashioned a wonderful life in Alexandria, always looking for ways to contribute to the community, engage in local politics, serve those less fortunate or in need, ensure that lost and lonely animals are treated with caring and dignity, find avenues for providing food to the foodless, and certainly by maintaining a loving spirit and passionate countenance. Way to go, Hope! Very proud of you and this award!

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