Welcoming Back Moms

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to celebrate amazing things happening behind employee scenes. New parents are a priority at the Fool, but certain elements are best left to the experts. A (very creative) group of People team Fools collaborates solely around surprises for new parents, like Starbucks gift cards and candy.

When it comes to Fool work environments, accessibility and convenience are key. Comfy seating with a sink and fridge make FoolHQ’s Mommy Room a great benefit, and we also gift $200 worth of YouEarnedIt “gold” to new parents to spend as they wish. The Fool’s financial planners are helpful resources once the timing is right, though kind coworkers are always available on our family-focused Slack channels.

Long after our 16 week paid maternity leave ends, we’re still there to support our working Moms. A happy home is important, and we always try to do our part to help with employees’ big life transitions.

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