Workplace Engagement Data Dive: Are Moms at The Motley Fool Happy?

Yesterday we talked about some of the things we do around here at The Motley Fool to celebrate new moms and ease the transition when they return to the office.

We strive to create a workplace where parents can thrive from truly flexible leave to generous healthcare benefits and daycare subsidies. But is it working? Are Foolish moms happy? We thought we’d take a closer look.

We survey Fools twice a year to find out how engaged they are and identify ways we can serve them better as the People Team.

Using Culture Amp, we’re able to slice and dice the data by department, demographics, and more. It becomes a virtual rabbit hole of data.

Let’s jump in!


First, the good news. One question we ask in the survey “I am proud to work at The Motley Fool” gets at a feeling we want every employee to have. It turns out, 100% of mothers at The Motley Fool say they are proud to work here. It’s rare to get 100% on any question, but to achieve that on a question that means so much brings us real joy.


Now, the even better news: Moms generally, are a happy lot here at The Motley Fool. Moms score 12 percentage points higher in questions regarding morale and engagement and 4 points higher for wellbeing when compared to the overall company.


But, of course, it’s not all sunshine and daisies…

Moms scored 12 percentage points lower than everyone else when it came to being “able to carve out some time to focus on my most important work.” Ask any mom and she’ll tell you there aren’t enough hours in the day.


While we’re glad that Foolish moms are generally happy, there’s an opportunity for us here at The Motley Fool to explore how we can help them make the most of their time at work and focus on what really matters to them.


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