Foolish Intern Hike

Despite assuming temporary roles, interns become immersed in our company culture. Social opportunities bring together different teams, though one tradition really stands out. For the second year, our more adventurous interns traveled to Via Ferrata.

Internships should provide unique learning experiences inside and outside the classroom (aka FoolHQ). Described as “a permanently installed system of steel rungs and cables that allows you to climb up and over two towering rock fins,” Via Ferrata is also representative of Fool core values. It set the scenes for collaboration, competition, and fun in a strong team-building environment.

Located in West Virginia, Via Ferrata is a nearly 4 hour drive from FoolHQ. Not for the faint of heart, Via Ferrata reaches 1085 feet in elevation, not to mention the 150 feet high/200 feet long suspension bridge. While the whole intern class didn’t participate, those brave enough likely learned at least something outside the office. Our Chief Wellness Fool also joined in, along with the long-time investor who organizes this expedition.

After leaving early and returning late, Fools arrived back in Alexandria. These pictures are proof of the great weather – and company! The trip to Via Ferrata was a memorable one, and there’s more to come down the pipeline. We’re looking forward to documenting other fun intern events, including the ones that don’t involve heights.

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