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Balancing a healthy workplace requires feedback, and thinking outside the box can ignite multi-faceted benefits. Engagement surveys only increase in value as companies become more willing to accept (and act upon!) honest employee feedback. The Motley Fool uses Culture Amp to measure employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose and passion for their work and organization.”

Our most recent engagement survey asked Fools to Describe our Culture in 140 Characters. Choosing unique buzzwords puts companies at a higher advantage, like Zappo’s and its employee-described “fun” and “weird” culture. Appreciating employee individuality leads to innovation that, in Zappo’s case, continues to “help the company to both retain its workforce and attract the quirky candidates who have helped build it into the retail giant it is today.”

Rather than a collection of boring buzzwords, we feel lucky that Fools’ responses built a culture keyword infused with our core values:

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