Career Tenure Goals

Individual job seekers are aspiring to long-lasting careers, now more than ever. America’s average job tenure barely moved between 1983 (3.5 years) and 1998 (3.6 years), yet the current median lands at 4.5 years. Happiness increases productivity, so why not invest in benefits that make the office a better place? It’s a win-win situation, for satisfied employees and the companies lucky enough to sustain loyalty.

Small (or big!) employee recognition “wins” can be achieved without huge amounts of time and effort. Our People Team once wrote personal notes to welcome each attendee to a company retreat. Celebrating individual personalities is always appreciated, which also might explain why birthdays are so big at the Fool. Friends have decorated desks with fixtures as elaborate as a life-size soccer ball.

Fools go above and beyond, but especially to celebrate the anniversary of a Fool’s start date, or what we call “Fooliversaries.” The end of a Fool’s first year rounds out with $50 for movies and dinner, and the amount – of balloons and money! – increases with each passing year.

The Motley Fool strives to hire employees for life – not just 4.5 years. Engagement matters, and working where people celebrate 14, 17, and even 21 year tenures feels like a real privilege.

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