Engaging Means Giving Better

Did you know that workplace giving in the US raises an annual $4 billion for charities? Awesome employees want to make a difference, and philanthropic opportunities help to fill certain voids. From teaching students through Fool School to volunteering with Together We Bake, Fools are living the Foolanthropy purpose: to help the world give better. Various employees from across the company serve as Foolanthropy volunteers and detail their endeavors in a quarterly internal newsletter called Be the Change.

Giving is easy – and engaging. YouEarnedIt allows Fools to redeem “gold” in exchange for donations to worthwhile organizations like Concussion Legacy Foundation, DonorsChoose.org, Growing Power, and more. Because food donations are in high-demand during summer months, The Motley Fool’s Chief Wellness Officer recently organized a canned drive for Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC). Food insecurity – or not knowing where the next meal will come from – affects nearly 32,000 residents in Arlington, Virginia. In FY16, Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) distributed 4.6 million pounds of food, and Fools collaborated this year to supersize contributions.

To become more involved as a corporation, learn what’s happening locally from national organizations or a simple online search. Bringing a sense of philanthropy (or Foolanthropy!) to your company is worth it, not just for employees but the community at large.

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