We’re the “Most Athletic Place to Work in DC!”

Employees have experienced a wave of amazing benefits since the Fool hired Chief Wellness Officer Samantha Whiteside. Between her daily workout classes, personal trainings, and impressive certifications (hello Masters of Public Health from UNC!), Samantha works really hard. Wellness is instilled throughout the Fool (and even remotely!), from our working treadmills and standing desks to a monthly companywide e-newsletter and annual health fair. Receiving public recognition for a program that’s impacted so many makes our most recent award even more exciting to announce!

The Motley Fool took home “Most Athletic Place to Work in DC” at last night’s DC Fest, an annual event that celebrates “living, working, and playing in DC.” Our ever-changing wellness efforts are proof that innovation isn’t confined to technology.

For a closer peek into The Motley Fool’s workplace culture, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And thanks for recognizing us, DC Inno – we’re flattered!

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