Summer Spotlight on Fool Interns

Internships can lead to exciting opportunities, but the trick is getting a job first. The Motley Fool has employed a wide range of intern talent, from annual UNC Morehead-Cain Scholarship winners to post-college grads on different career paths. Acceptance to Harvard is more likely than landing an internship here, but we’re proud – not pretentious. Fool recruiters (really do!) comb through all applications, narrowing down top-notch candidates for team leaders to then review. Robots aren’t doing the grunt work, and we like it that way!

Fool interns become fully immersed in our culture between May’s start date and August’s finish line. Some of the best team leaders serve as mentors to guide interns around the ins and outs of our business. The Fool moves fast, so encouraging a sense of community helps interns better get to know full-time employees. Our Colorado (read: Foolorado) office also hosts summer interns, who can easily connect to FoolHQ through remote technology.

Aimed to benefit the Fool at large, a collective group project is assigned to every intern cohort. Team projects not only build trust and collaboration, but also promote individual accountability. Tasks are typically prioritized from other teams’ backlogs, and this summer’s cohort is tackling the Fool’s newest pillar of philanthropy. Born over the last year, Fool School is advocated through employee volunteers promoting financial literacy to local schools and organizations. Interns are already cracking away on Fool School’s digital presence, which will be full of lesson plans, videos, and other interactive content.

Not that Fool interns aren’t busy enough, but what does a typical day look like for this year’s group? Yesterday a computer was deconstructed, and there’s only more fun to follow. Watch out for each intern’s feature – and more info about Fool School – here on the Culture Blog!

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