Intern Spotlight: Lauren Pesce

Intern Spotlight: Lauren Pesce

Even from The Motley Fool’s Colorado outpost, distance hasn’t cramped Lauren Pesce’s intern experience. Lauren was paired with a Software Development mentor in our Foolorado office, located outside of Denver. A recent graduate of Turing School of Software & Design, Lauren will soon be on the job hunt!
Aside from finding the best ice cream with her mentor at Little Man Ice Cream, Lauren has been focusing on ways to enhance the experience for our members. She’s also collaborated with FoolHQ teams by testing iterations of a new stock simulator game. Considering the trials and errors that come with technology, Lauren’s personal Motley makes sense: “To be foolish, you have to be willing to learn some lessons…because it’s ok to make mistakes, but you’ve always got to be willing to learn from them!” When asked to choose a 2017 anthem, Lauren said “Buckets of Rain” by Bob Dylan because of her love for summertime showers.

Virtual meetings have made it possible for Lauren to work with her cohort on their all-summer project of building Fool School’s website. In her spare time, she enjoys creating any type of art, and is also looking forward to (hopefully!) adopting a dog this fall!

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