Intern Spotlight: Aneesh Susarla

The Motley Fool’s investing internships are some of our most competitive, and Fool analysts welcomed 2 fantastic candidates into this summer’s mix.

Aneesh Susarla

Before diving into his second year at the University of Virginia, Aneesh came to FoolHQ for a one of a kind internship experience. Under the guidance of a past intern turned full-time analyst, Aneesh has been exploring the world of small-cap stocks through our own service called Hidden Gems. Working for a multimedia company like The Motley Fool is a valuable opportunity for a student like Aneesh, who’s pursuing a major in Financial Math and Commerce. Aneesh has already collaborated on stock pitches; wrote financial articles; and contributed to company coverage updates on behalf of his team.

Every full-time Fool – even our interns! – are asked to choose a personal Motley value on the first day of work. “Collaborative” seems appropriate for Aneesh, because he’s “very conscious of the fact that other people have different experiences and knowledge than I do, so I am always trying to bounce ideas off others and tap into their minds.”

Off the job, Aneesh enjoys hitting the gym (or going on hikes!) and reading. He’d love to have enough books for an impressive collection one day. Over the summer, Aneesh has made a point to check out the sites of Old Town Alexandria, where FoolHQ calls home!

Stay tuned to for more summer intern profiles!

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