Intern Spotlight: Christina Price

Every spring and summer, select Fool internships are reserved for local high school seniors. Lasting anywhere between two weeks and a month, they’re considerably shorter than full-time experiences. With less time, schedules become quickly packed with activities including coffee time with our co-founders and Fool business classes. This casual coffee is even planned for remote interns, just like David Gardner’s recent chat with our Foolorado office.

Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA), a DC college-preparatory public charter high school, is located in ward 8’s Anacostia neighborhood. TMA focuses on helping students form the abilities “to solve complex problems, think critically, and advocate persuasively.” Because the school’s values align so well with our company’s own, The Motley Fool continues to support TMA’s alumni through job opportunities and scholarships.

Fast Facts about Thurgood Marshall Academy

*Every member of their first nine graduating classes was accepted to a two- or four-year college or university and received some form of financial assistance.

*The school has graduated over 400 students since its first class received diplomas in 2005; one hundred percent have been accepted to college; over 90% attend college within the first year of high school graduation; and, 94% of alumni persist from freshman year to sophomore year in college.

*Thurgood Marshall Academy alumni are graduating college at rates 5x higher than neighborhood peers.

In June, the Fool hosted our third intern from Thurgood Marshall Academy. Salutatorian for the class of 2017, Christina Price pursued external communications projects at FoolHQ not long after graduating. As part of one assignment, Christina reflected on her time at the Fool:

By: Christina Price, Fool Intern

I started interning at the Fool on June 19th, and from that moment on I knew this place was something special. Now, I know that sounds cheesy, but honestly being at the Fool is a treat. Whether you come for a day, a week, or if you decide to work here for the rest of your life, you’ll never want to leave or work anywhere else. Honestly, I can’t even think of any place better, since being here has been fun since day one. The Fool is not only a place of work, but an environment where you get to have fun and speak your mind. The people at the Fool are not just coworkers, but actual friends that enjoy spending time together. During my two weeks here at the Fool, no one ever made me feel like a child or just an intern. They trusted me to make my own decisions and to do my work at my own pace. And for that, I thank everyone who has made my visit at the Fool the best experience I’m sure I will have all summer. At the Fool, you learn to be collaborative, you see honesty throughout the entire office and fun instilled within its foundation. Here, you do not see what is in a typical business: trust. I have never been to an office quite like the Fool, and sadly I had never heard of the Fool until I got an email from my school counselor about a scholarship opportunity. Despite the “main” benefit of completing the scholarship and eventually winning it, I got the chance to work in a space full of Foolishness and unconventional thinking. I got to meet people who would have nerf gun wars in the halls and skip throughout the hallways. And even though I am thankful for the scholarship that I will receive, I would say that I am even more thankful for being able to spend time here with exceptional people. I would like thank Laurie Street and Cheryl Palting for helping me every step of the way (they’re kind of awesome). I will always remember my time here at the Fool and I will always remember the people that make this place as unique as it set out to be.

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