Tom Gardner’s Top 5 Influencer Tips

How much of the professional advice on LinkedIn is actually valuable? Not to (humble) brag, but The Motley Fool’s CEO Tom Gardner publishes words that matter. As a LinkedIn Influencer, Tom joins an invite-only community comprised of “500+ of the world’s most foremost thinkers, leaders, and innovaters.” Tom’s advice is always thoughtful, even in short posts – making his top 5 LinkedIn Influencer tips even easier to share!

Tip #1

Tom, along with his brother and the Fool’s co-founder David, advocate for the importance of financial literacy early in life. Have you heard of FoolSchool yet? FoolSchool is an employee-driven concept connecting kids to personal finance. Curriculums have already found success locally and will soon be available online.

The bottom line: it’s never too early to start learning about investing.

Tip #2

Collaboration was selected as a Fool core value for more than one reason, since (literally) nothing would get done without it. The Motley Fool champions team-building activities, from in-office Escape Rooms to Foolapalooza, our annual all-company offsite retreat. Impactful projects are more likely to come to fruition when teams function well together.

Tip #3

Sometimes jobs doesn’t work out as planned, and that’s okay. In the search for new opportunities, be sure to research a company’s mission and leadership team before submitting any applications.

Tip #4

Foolanthropy is a great example of Fools giving back; not because they have to, but because they genuinely want to help. The Motley Fool is lucky to be supported by employees that truly care, although Tom’s prediction seems pretty on point.

Tip #5

No explanation needed.

…And there’s more where those tips came from! Follow Tom Gardner’s LinkedIn Influencer profile here!

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