1-2-3: BREAK!

#NationalRelaxationDay was trending on Twitter yesterday with a message that still rings clear: Americans need to take more breaks. According to the American Psychological Association, stress levels are the highest the U.S. has seen in 10 years. The Motley Fool advocates for self-care at different levels, but our most popular perks have one thing in common: convenience.

Our employees can engage in relaxation and self-care right here at FoolHQ. Our first floor is a multi-use space that is used regularly for large team meetings and external events, but it offers a lot for individual Fools, too. Its private wellness space draws Fools to yoga and cycling, along with a connected game room that offers plenty of other distractions. Nail services and haircuts are hosted monthly, and bi-weekly massage appointments never fail to fill quickly. Our nap room is another perk that continues to serve weary Fools. FoolHQ also is just in a great place (Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia) for those looking to take a break and find fun, refreshing things to do.

Don’t have a workplace helping you relax and take care of yourself? Here are a few ideas from Active Nation to inspire you:

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