5 Event Planning Tips From a Foolish Dynamo

By collaborating around “good, cheap fun,” The Motley Fool’s Operations and Events team brings our company’s core values to life. When it comes to entertaining 300+ employees, these Fools do a great job in appealing to the masses. They take feedback seriously, and our event roster is diverse because Fools have such a say. Traditions like Take Your Family to Work Day and a holiday cookie exchange make the calendar every year, along with other fun events. Recent outings included a D.C. Segway tour, a gardening class, a trail mix happy hour, and a “Wonder Woman” moving screening.

Perhaps the most creative Fool on the team, Lysha Fuentes, has tips for office dynamos at your company:

1. Spread the word!
See marketing as your first impression of your event. Whatever platform you use, make sure your message is clear, easy to read, and eye-catching! After all, this will set the tone as to what your guests can expect.

2. Low budget? Get crafty!
You should never let lack of budget hinder you from bringing your party theme to life. With so many DIY projects being accessible with just one click, there is no reason you cannot achieve your Pinterest-inspired event!

3. Be the guest!
Do a mental walk-through of your event. Envision it happening. How do you feel about the food selection? Are you still feeling entertained 2 hours into the event? Can you easily find the restrooms? Were there enough chairs? While you won’t be able experience every aspect through your guests’ eyes, you will be able to prevent possible snafus.

4. Have a “wow” factor!
This, by far, is my favorite planning tip. Always try to release the “unexpected” at your events. Whether it’s an aerial artist at the company holiday party, a gorgeous tablescape, or a donut wall at a happy hour, give your guests a reason to talk about your event after it’s over!

5. Follow up with your guests!
Party is over? Don’t wipe your hands just yet! You still have work to do! Reach out to guests who attended the event and thank them for coming out! This could also be a good opportunity to ask for feedback regarding the event. In addition to collecting your own data and making future events better, this will help to develop personal relationships that will help your brand moving forward.

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