Intern Spotlight: Addison Lalier

This summer, FoolHQ ended up with two awesome interns from UNC-Chapel Hill. After applying individually, Addison (Addie) Lalier soon found herself working on The Motley Fool’s Editorial team. Mentored by a former intern turned full-time Fool, Addie spent her days pitching stocks; organizing articles for SEO purposes; learning about Fool podcasts; and getting to know our 2017 Morehead-Cain Scholar, who she had never met at school!

A self-proclaimed music connoisseur, Addie prides her car DJ’ing skills. Calling Spotify “her lifeline,” she recommends a wide range of artists, from Dave Matthews Band and The Head and the Heart to Drake, The Chainsmokers, and Nirvana. In her spare time, Addie enjoys photography, writing, and trying new restaurants. She’s always taking pictures to document her life and loves to look back on the memories.

Embracing Foolishness from the start, Addie made “Dynamism” her personal Motley value. She chose this word because “it speaks volumes about how one choses to live his or her life. It also encompasses a lot of smaller values, such as optimism, growth, and happiness into one larger idea.”

Following her Fool internship, Addie plans to travel to the Pacific Northwest, where she was born and raised. She looks forward to starting her senior year at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she’s majoring in Business Journalism.

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