How to Feel Unlimited Vacation Envy

Our “take what you need” policy has been around since 1993, when the Gardner brothers co-founded The Motley Fool and decided vacation was too cumbersome to track. This benefit continues to succeed because of trust in the workplace. Records don’t exist, though it’s estimated that Fools take an annual 3 to 4 weeks off. No matter who you are, going 100% unplugged from the workplace can be tough. Vacation and telework fall on blurred lines, especially when people are passionate about projects.

Slack’s internal messaging tools make employees more accessible, plus Fools never hesitate to send messages from miles away. Different channels allow users to opt-in and explore personal interests, like the #travel-channel. There, Fools can offer (and discover!) seasoned advice, city tips, airfare sales, thoughtful itineraries, and more.

Managers trust individual Fools to know when to take breaks, but it’s hard to complain when beautiful photos are sent from afar. Here are a few snapshots from recent Foolish adventures:

Motley Fool Investment Analyst David Kretzmann loved Australia.

Fools Emily & Nate Walingsford explored San Francisco with their little girl.

Legal Fool Nate Hall took in Kenya’s beauty.

Snapped by a Fool in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Fool Developer Nick Travis Traveled around Haslach, Germany.

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