Cutting Message Clutter

It was reported that 43% of workers use some type of instant messaging system. Slack functions as The Motley Fool’s primary internal communications platform, fostering 24/7 access to teams and coworkers across the globe. Despite other features that make Slack a great fit, clutter remains its number one flaw.

With a tool used so often, it’s important to learn best practices from other employees. Fools recently hosted a workshop for less-savvy Slack users, with 3 tips that could help your instant message management:

1. Come Back Later

Slack hosts different work and team-based “channels,” from #important-fool-news to #wellness and #girlpower. Membership isn’t required in any channel, though some (like #hq-emergencies) are certainly more encouraged. Being in multiple conversations comes with benefits, but unread alerts are often distracting. Take a breather! In the end, returning to saved posts could feel more productive.

2. Muting is Your Friend

For conversations that don’t require attention, apply “mute” – no one has to know!

3. Remember “Shift + Escape”

Immediately clear the clutter by marking all messages “READ” with “Shift + Escape.”

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