At the Fool: Matt Paxton

From business leaders to best-selling authors, our internal speaker series brings MOTLEY to life through diverse programming. At the Fool highlights all levels of mastery, and exposing employees to great minds outside FoolHQ has proven worthwhile.

At the Fool recently played host to Extreme Cleaning Expert and co-founder of Legacy Navigator, Matt Paxton. While the audience number varies depending on each guest, Matt attracted many Fool fans of A&E’s hit show Hoarders. Matt touched on being a reality star, but his interview focused more on entrepreneurship. After experiencing four failed business efforts, Matt offered this sage advice to Fools pursuing their passions: “Be ready to lose it all.”

Even in syndication, Hoarders continues to be a huge success. Hoarding is a relatable problem, and (according to Matt) the drama was never fake. Studies show that hoarding affects 19 million Americans who find self-worth and happiness in “stuff.”

Matt’s interview was enjoyed by Fools – and now you, too, can watch the footage! Learn how to contain life’s clutter without giving up everything:

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